COPING -Acrylic on canvas – 1.2m x 90cm


An original, contemporary portrait done in acrylic on canvas – Custom commissions available

A portrait of ‘Letta’ titled “COPING”

Letta is my housekeeper of many years. We have both experienced many challenges over these years as single moms, but Letta has really had some major blows in her life. She has experienced horrible tragedy and has lost her closest in traumatic ways.
She is a simple woman who has remarkable resilience and I admire her ability to cope. She has had to accept her fate and move forward with life, despite all these hardships. She is the epitome of ‘coping’….
I hope I have managed to capture these feelings in this painting. I have dramatically contrasted the sadness with the use of the bright orange of the shweshwe fabric of her dress, and have exaggerated this in the background – there is always joy & hope, even in the smallest things.


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