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About me

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My roots are in Graphic Design – so I still design logos and brochures and take on various projects periodically working on my computer, but my true passion is creating beautiful works of art on paper or canvas. I love to draw, particularly in charcoal, and I love getting into the detail! Capturing a personality when doing a portrait is my thing. I have taken some of the detailed charcoal works I have created over the years, and printed them onto canvas. The medium transfers beautifully and a very classy, affordable art piece is produced.

I enjoy painting and exploring with acrylic paint and have created many stunning & varied paintings over the years. My best is getting a client who has a specific brief and bringing that to life, so commisson me for that piece you have been thinking about. I have done portraits for hundreds of people, abstracts for large & small spaces, large scale Renaissance style paintings for hotels, wall murals for homes and for businesses, projects for schools & worked for several paint studios – so my experience and versatility is high.
I hold art classes during the week to some lovely people who take the plunge and join up, where I teach them how to draw & paint. We also have a lot of fun – it’s a great way to unwind, enjoy a glass of wine or a coffee and create.


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