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My roots are in Graphic Design – so I still design logos and brochures and take on projects periodically, working on my computer, but, my true passion is creating beautiful works of art on canvas or paper. I love to draw, particularly in charcoal, and I really thrive on getting into the detail! Capturing a personality when doing a portrait is one of my specialties. I have created & sold many detailed charcoal works over the years, and have taken this extensive collection and printed them onto canvas or paper, creating  (THE JENNY MALLON COLLECTION)

My love for colour & painting with acrylic paint has resulted in me creating many stunning & varied paintings throughout my artistic career. I really enjoy working with a client who has a specific brief and bringing that to life, so commissions are very much part of what I offer.

I have done portraits for hundreds of people, abstracts for large & small spaces, large scale Renaissance style paintings for hotels, wall murals for homes and for businesses, projects for schools & worked for several paint studios – so my experience and versatility is high.

I am an artist and I am a creative soul practicing & persevering with my art, and I have spent over15 years teaching what I know. What is clear to me is that most people want to create. They wish they could draw or paint … but the fear of not being good enough, not being talented enough generally stops them ever even trying.

I have also always had a keen interest in psychology and people. So aside from being a Graphic Designer turned Artist, I completed a course in Life Coaching with New Insights Africa to satisfy my desire to assist & motivate people to be better.

With my constant need to explore further on my creative journey, I have pushed myself to be more expressive, painting with more feeling and creating more intuitive, abstract art, which has given me more confidence in my work.

I want to share all of this. I realised being able to achieve this whilst helping people work through their challenges, would be an awesome experience,  by combining my two passions – ART and LIFE COACHING. I have since obtained my certification as a Therapeutic Art Life Coach so I can do just that.

Take a look at my list of services to see how I may be of help to you – whether you are keen to learn, grow or purchase beautiful art.

Join this creative journey with me!