I am drawn to faces and have a passion for capturing the essence of my subjects with my expert use of charcoal or acrylic paint. I favour interesting subjects with good dramatic lighting, endeavouring to capture character & personality through attention to detail, emotion and expression, which is reflected in the eyes of my subjects.


I work in charcoal as my favoured drawing medium. It is a rewarding medium with its rich black tones, and I am able to create detailed, convincing portraits, whilst still allowing the techniques of drawing to be evident. I love detail and have a more realistic approach, without my work looking like a photograph.


Acrylic paint offers me the versatility of working with either broad, bold brushstrokes with a thicker application of paint, for a looser, more expressionistic style, or I work with it as a lighter, layered almost ’watercolour’ approach to achieve delicate, luminous skin tones. My acrylic portraits are alive with energy and colour, often accompanied with a signature abstract technique as the background.

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Bob Lile | Charcoal on Canvas | 29.7 x 21cm
Vulnerability | Acrylic on Canvas | 90 x 1.2m

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