A Creative Journey

Painting is a truly wonderful, immersive experience and experimenting with colours and textures, constantly challenging myself to try different styles & techniques to improve and take my work to new & exciting levels are always part of my creative journey. My love for colour & painting with acrylic paint has resulted in me creating many stunning & varied paintings throughout my artistic career.

I have a constant need to explore with my art, that I am unable to just stick to one subject or style – the need to discover more about my ability & skill is very strong. With that I have developed a versatility in my work and I am comfortable drawing with charcoal in detail, painting larger than life images or creating abstract works with free, intuitive expression.

I really enjoy working with a client who has a specific brief and bringing that to life, so commissions are very much part of what I offer. Take a look at some of work in this gallery, or check out my shop for works up for sale. 

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