I am an artist and I am a creative soul. I have spent many years practicing & persevering with my art in a variety of ways, and I have also spent over 15 years teaching art. What is clear to me is that most people want to create. They wish they could draw or paint … BUT! – the fear of not being good enough, not being talented enough, not having a creative bone in their body or being judged by others generally stops them ever even trying. Many of my students have really proved they are more than capable and I believe the process of being in a creative group, sharing and coming together regularly has a positive, therapeutic impact on their lives.

I have always had a keen interest in psychology and people. So aside from being a Graphic Designer turned Artist, I completed a course in Life Coaching with New Insights Africa to satisfy my desire to assist & motivate people to be better than they thought possible. Circumstances took over and I did not continue with this journey, although all the knowledge I had gained through studying life coaching most certainly helped me enormously in my life. I’ve never lost my passion for this and have always imparted the thinking and knowledge to people and students over the years.

But like so many of us I ended up a bit lost, with so many challenges, tough circumstances and life passing me by.  I had forgotten what my purpose was and what I wanted to achieve.  I felt very stuck, very frustrated and generally not terribly motivated. I realised the need for change and the need to do something more. I did a whole lot of thinking and wondering about what it is that I want for myself going forward. I desperately wanted to move my art into another phase and I began exploring and working on a new approach to what I had been doing in the past. I felt the need to “let go”.  (This is easier said than done, but I am persevering). On my journey to ‘letting go’ in my art, I reconnected with my life coaching passion – and I realised they really do go hand in hand.

I have been exploring more expressive art, painting with more feeling and allowing myself to create more intuitive art. I want to share this with people and I realised being able to achieve this whilst helping people work through their challenges would be an awesome experience – combining my two passions – ART and LIFE COACHING.

I have since obtained my certification as a Therapeutic Art Life Coach and am continuing to upgrade and refresh my knowledge in Life coaching and am working towards gaining my certification as a Master Life Coach.

In this time of escalated stress levels our anxiety is going through the roof! We need to find ways to reduce this. Therapeutic Art is an excellent way to spend time focusing on you and exploring ways to release emotions and relax. The practice of Therapeutic Art is instantly rewarding and the amazing thing is anyone can do it.

If you would like to start a journal to explore its therapeutic benefits and do a session or two with me, please get in touch! 

Bring a group of friends and do some therapeutic art together, to just relax and get into a creative zone.

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